Control room

The Control Room deserves a special mention, brain centre of the office 24 hours a day, where each and every one of the systems is supervised and information on the different systems is received.

It is also the reception centre for any incidents, suggestions and requirements of Torre Picasso's clients and incidents are responded to accordingly.

The concept of "Intelligent Building" is made evident in Torre Picasso as its´ different systems are planned and integrated together so that the Control Centre controls each and every one of the systems.

Two employees, Head of First Intervention in case of a fire alarm and the Operator, a personnel specialist, receive all the information, supervise and check the systems constantly, interacting with them if necessary thanks to a powerful BMS that integrates all the auxiliary systems in the building.

The Head of First Intervention has a team of staff who are given annual training on how to deal with different emergency situations in general, and for fires in particular.

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