The building

With 45 floors, all rectangular and 38 by 40 metres in dimension, Torre Picasso is visible from any area of the city of Madrid, making it a constant reference.

As well as its' attractive exterior, it is the inside that really makes an impact on users or visitors, planned from the outset with a concrete aim:

To house offices of the highest level, intelligent and practical spaces offering the most advanced technological services, comfort and efficient use of space.

The design allows the architecture and facilities to be adapted to clients' needs, whether it is on one or over various floors.

Torre Picasso is one of the high buildings with the most advanced benefits and installations existing, that are kept up-to-date by a rigorous maintenance programme, making it a great example.


The structure of the Picasso Tower is designed with two objectives:

1.- It allows large open spaces of up to 11.5 metres without columns that restrict the layout and allows workers to make use of the space most effectively.

2.-It allows surface overloads of 300 Kp/m2, that can be doubled in areas where there are girders.

Front of building

Made up of aluminium panels with fibre glass insulation forming columns all around the building and continuous glass of a width of 24mm and with a 12mm air chamber. This allows the building to take advantage of natural light and to reduce heating and air conditioning.

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